Why I deleted my Facebook account

I felt like it, simple as that. I'd accumulated several reasons for and against keeping the account. My decision to delete it was, ultimately, an emotional one.

I didn't use FB as frequently as other users. I wasn't making so much of a sacrifice as some would, by removing it from my life.

Facebook put out a video to reassure their users that they are taking good care of their users, in terms of privacy and making time spend on the platform 'worthwhile' or something. This seemed transparent BS. They're an ad company.

Facebook is valuable because its users make it valuable. I'm deciding to withdraw my small contribution to its value.

I've had ideas about a personal hub for my online info and activities elsewhere, on Goodreads, etc. This will replace some of the functions of Facebook for me. Now that I lack a FB account, I have more motivation to actually develop it... someday.

## Life without Facebook

I don't miss it! But maybe it misses me. There are people who I've lost easy contact with. Oh well, that's life.

Twitter is my main 'social network' now, but I don't use it much to communicate with folks I know in real like.

I do still have an account on Instagram and WhatsApp. I know, they are FB-owned! I don't use IG much. WhatsApp is very useful. Urbit has the correct idea for dealing with chat: self-hosted inbox, using APIs to connect with other networks. But whether they have a good technological basis, in their peculiar reinvention of everything, is questionable.

You could turn WordPress into a personal server. Why not? Let WP blogs communicate directly with each other, with HTTPS or some browser API like websockets.

I'd rather choose something else as a backend language, not PHP. Python or Go look nice. I'll have to learn one sooner or later anyway.

MySQL is fine for the database. It doesn't need to 'scale'. It's going to be one-DB-per-user. It needs careful security precautions tho.


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