Stories in Wiki

So, for instance, I would like all of us to have a story about why we are here. And I would like every project we do here to have a story. And I would like any 'rule' / policy introduced here (whether as a proposal or as accepted policy) to have a story.

Some stories are personal, some 'belong' to sub-groups, some to the whole group. An ecosystem of these stories is a governance in development - because if the governance here does not further the stories of the people/groups/projects here, it will be failing (or, looked at another way, stories which are not furthered by the other stories here will need to discover whether they are compatible with the ecosystem, and ask for change in order to thrive, or discover that they are not compatible, and change themselves, or perhaps leave).

Some examples:

I proposed a 'big myth' (another way of saying story) for the VOZ group, a few weeks ago, which was;

"Building tools and content for the global commons".

And now (in direct response to the new feeling) I propose changing that story to;

"Building a support ecosystem for people and projects working for the global commons".

So that's a story which only has meaning if it animates everyone here - why it's a proposal.

Here's my 'story';

"I'm with VOZ to strengthen my sometime precarious grip on meaning and purpose by working with people I feel broadly aligned on optimistic and life-affirming projects".

So this is a story which is not a proposal - I am empowered to make it without reference to others. But it is still provisional - and always will be; it is my right to change it at any time.

It should, though, be public (at least within the group). If I change the story of why I am here, all of you have a right to know.

Equally, if it should become necessary, all of you should feel able to talk to me about my story - and make judgements about me on the basis of what I say.

David, I would like it if such stories could be the test bed for the fedwiki -> static site publishing route. So that we can all engage in representing ourselves and our work to ourselves, in a very lightweight but rich way.

First each medium has it's role here - and wiki is the best place for stories, it is quite honestly in my experience a unique place for semi-personal writing - somewhere in between a personal diary, and a shared repository of stories.

Each agent in VOZ should have a wiki page for its story, and that story (it's current history, and all it's previous published versions) should be somehow tagged for auto-publishing a set of static sites which can serve as the representation to/for ourselves of who we are and the stories we are telling about what we are about and what we are doing here.

It is difficult to get people to do - the way we have been talking about it in the federation before = "write a page about yourself". I think it would be a great idea to build more on the concept of myth and "story" - as in "write a short story about why you are here".

I find myself writing anything that has this story like quality - and the means also a sense of "longevity" - as in this story might just, some time, some place be of use - to me or someone else - writing it in wiki - then posting a tweet sized link back here.

It becomes WAY more productive when we can reduce the amount of text typed into chat - and shift to a dialogue between wiki and chat.