Jason Sackey

I'm a frontend developer, and I've been making things on the Web for several years.

Technical skills: Frontend expertise; HTML, CSS, JavaScript, a bit of PHP. Some visual and interaction design thinking.

I first came into contact with darVOZ projects at the Holochain Liquid Wiki hackathon of darVOZweek Jan/Feb 2018.

Bio from one of my blogs:

>I’ve got a background in hobbyist game development, which led me into studying computer science. Then I got into professional web development. I’m fascinated by the history behind computer science. I’m convinced that integrating discoveries from the past with cutting-edge inventions will be crucial in tackling the challenges of the future.

And I love writing. Some of my stuff's here:

* [Operating Space](https://blog.operatingspace.net/) * [On Medium](https://medium.com/@jason.sackey)